Claudia, Liz and Gary at Christmas time

Thank you so much for your kind donation to DEBRA Ireland’s Christmas Appeal.

DEBRA Ireland supports over 300 families who are living with EB all over Ireland.  EB is an incredibly painful and debilitating condition. Children who are born with it have skin so delicate that it tears and blisters at the slightest touch. The wounds that occur have to be cared for and bandaged daily, a painful and heart-breaking procedure that has to be managed by their parents.

Because of your generosity DEBRA Ireland is able to do something about this. Our mission for our families is to put a dressings nurse in place to take over the painful bandage change which sees mums and dads inflicting horrific pain on their child. Your donation will go towards funding our EB Community Care programme which will see a specialised nurse visiting EB families and supporting them in the home.

You are part of this mission and you are helping us to make this a reality. On behalf of every family in Ireland living with EB who will benefit from your generosity we would like to thank you.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas.