Research Studies – Treatments and Cures

Research into new treatments and cures for EB is the priority for our families living with EB. DEBRA Ireland has funded and supported research for many years. This research focuses on a variety of different approaches to understanding and treating EB, in line with our strategy.

International Research

We are currently funding a variety of research studies through DEBRA International. These include:

A novel spray to treat oral scarring in EB

Prof Liam Grover, University of Birmingham

Understanding immunity and fibrosis in EB

Dr Yanling Liao, New York Medical College

Combining multiple drugs to reduce inflammation and scarring in EB

Prof Andrew South, Thomas Jefferson University

Irish Research

We have supported the research of Prof. Wenxin Wang and his team in the UCD Charles Institute of Dermatology. Wenxin and his team are researching a healing skin substitute for EB which you can learn more about here.