DEBRA International

DEBRA International is a worldwide network of national groups working on behalf of those affected by EB. Research pursuits in EB are truly international with laboratories and clinical reference centres throughout the world working together to alleviate the suffering of people living with EB. DEBRA funds projects that bring together expertise from different centres and numerous countries, combining technical know-how, resources (such as animal models of EB) and patient groups for clinical trials.

DEBRA-led international meetings provide a forum for scientists, clinicians, and people living with EB to come together, share knowledge, and enhance collaborative efforts in the EB arena.

In supporting the development of best clinical practice guidelines for important areas of EB management and diagnostics, DEBRA International combines the best evidence-based information with internationally-guided expert consensus and patient experience to raise standards across the world, in whatever healthcare setting prevails.

An international registry for EB patients is another DEBRA-funded initiative offering opportunities for improved knowledge, a better understanding of epidemiology, and targeting for inclusion in future clinical trials.

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