Emma Fogarty Patient Ambassador
Emma Fogarty Patient Ambassador

€50 – Will provide one hour nursing support.
DEBRA Ireland’s aim is to employ a home EB nurse to visit families, set up support networks and train a local team to support bandage changes. Taking this traumatic task away from the parent allows them to enjoy a positive and more normal relationship with their child.

€100 – Will provide a Family Support visit.
Our family support worker is exclusively committed to the support and care of all those affected by EB and to tailoring the resources of DEBRA Ireland towards the best way of helping the individual. They work closely with the individual and family in a manner that is comfortable and shaped by each family.

€250 – Will give a family a great day out.
Families living with EB have their life planned around doctors’ appointments, hospital visits, bandage changes every second day of their lives which can take up to 3 to 4 hours. A family day out filled with fun and laughter is vital for both the parents and child to break away from this rigid schedule that EB controls.

€500 – Family support group meeting.
Our family support meeting is organised three times a year and is a platform for families to meet and share personal experiences and receive peer support from one another.