We are asking you for just a few minutes of your time, which will make your donations go even further! Are you aware of the benefits of tax relief to charities like DEBRA Ireland? The Revenue Commissioners allow a percentage of the PAYE you have already paid during any year up to four years previous to be reassigned to charity. We are simply asking that you complete the tax form(s) which we will send out to you, allowing us to gain full benefit from your donation. You send it back in the free post envelope and we claim the tax back. It really is that easy.

Some simple points below:

  1. From now on all donations from individuals (PAYE and Self-Assessed) will be treated the same, with the tax relief in all cases being repaid to the charity.
  2. Tax relief is to be given at a blended rate of 31% to all taxpayers, regardless of their marginal rate.  All donations will be grossed up as is currently the case with PAYE donations.
  3. The charitable donations scheme has been removed from the scope of the higher earners’ restriction (i.e. decoupling).
  4. An annual limit of €1m per individual, which can be tax relieved under the scheme has been introduced.

Donations are cumulative throughout the tax year, so a direct debit of €21+ a month will take you over the €250 threshold. At the end of the year we will send you the appropriate form that we need to claim back the tax. For further details please check details on http://www.ictr.ie/content/welcome-ictr/#donations website.