Should you suspect that you or a member of your family may have Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) or another type of rare skin fragility, accessing the correct medical and psychosocial support can be vital in living your life to the full.

Often rare skin conditions can go miss diagnosed for many years, leaving the person living life in unnecessary pain and reducing the ability to engage in their life to their full potential.

Getting a correct diagnosis can allow the person to access the correct medical support, financial assistance and peer support which opens up many doors for families.

How do I get a hospital referral?

  • Firstly, make an appointment with your GP.
  • Ask your GP to review the characteristics of your complaint.
  • If your complaint fits the diagnosis of skin fragility ask your GP to do a referral letter and send to:


Send your referral letters to the EB Clinic at Children’s Health Ireland – Crumlin.

Address: Dr. Fiona Browne, The Butterfly Clinic, Children’s Hospital Ireland, Crumlin, Dublin 12.

Fax: 01 4282651

Email: e[email protected]


Send your referral letters to the EB Clinic at St. James’s Hospital.

Address: EB Clinic, Dermatology Dept, St James Hospital, James Street, Dublin 8

Fax: 01 4284158

Email: [email protected]


In addition to a referral letter from your GP, you will need your local Health Authority to complete an S2 (E112) form for you. Send both documents to the relevant hospital.

If you need support at any point during this process, please contact our Family Support Team at [email protected].