Hi Everyone,

Deirdre and Eve here giving you an update on how we are all doing and checking in with you to see how you are all doing? We are working hard to ensure we continue to support our families in these very unusual times. We are missing everyone and the magic of sitting down talking face to face but continuing to check in regularly by phone, really looking forward to getting back on the road doing our home visits again.

Everyone is experiencing a lot of changes at the moment and we are continually looking at ways we can support our families, for example last month we were delighted to be able to launch a Covid-19 Hardship grant to try and take some of the financial pressure off our families. We have linked in some of our families with ‘community champions’ who are doing a great job helping with delivery of food and medicines for those who are cocooning. As everyone with young children is now suddenly home schooling we have been able to help some families get set up with technology to make this possible.

As with everyone else in the country our day to day has changed completely, the office has been closed since the beginning of the lock down but we continue to keep in touch using the wonders of modern technology, who knew we would all become such experts in ‘Zoom’! And our poor butterfly car is feeling sadly neglected parked outside the house but we are hopeful as things continue to improve things will one day return to a new normal.

It’s possible you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious about things and while this is really normal right now, know that we are still at the end of the phone. So please link in with us and we can talk you through some tips or help set up some counselling for you.

  • Deirdre is working Mon- Fri  until 1.30pm
  • Eve is working Mon- Fri from 1pm  until 5pm.

I saw a quote recently and it really rang true right now

It’s hard to realise the worth of an anchor until you feel a storm.

Find your anchor, we can and will get through this chapter of life! In the meantime look after yourselves, stay safe and we will stay in touch 🙂

slán go fóill

Deirdre & Eve xx