The Programme for a Partnership Government and 32nd Dáil was published last week. We have summarised it to find out what it means for people living with EB.

The Government have made the following commitments. The particulars of each have not yet been released. We will continue to monitor for implementation of these commitments.

Accessing medicines:

  • A reduction in the annual required co-payment on the Drugs Payment Scheme.
  • Reduced prescription charges for medical card holders.

Improving the lives of People with Disabilities:

  • Ratification of the UNCRPD within 6 months. Read more about why this is so important and the process here.
  • A review of the National Disability Authority.
  • A new scheme to ensure access to the Early Childhood Care and Education programmes for young children with disabilities.
  • The introduction of a new mobility scheme to assist those with a disability in meeting their increased mobility costs. Within this scheme a task force will be set. The task force will examine transport services for young people with disabilities to ensure the service meets the needs of individuals.
  • Further increases to the Housing Adaptation Grant. These grants, which are provided by the local authorities are a vital support to keeping people in their homes.
  • A commitment to ensuring all 18 year old school leavers with physical disabilities have continued education or training opportunities.
  • Expand supported employment opportunities and address concerns surrounding the loss of secondary benefits, so that people are always s better off in work.

Benefits & Allowances:

  • An increase in Disability Benefit and Allowance.
  • An increase in Carer’s Benefit and Allowance.
  • Medical cards will be granted to all children in receipt of Domiciliary Allowance.

A Stronger voice for Carers:

  • A commitment to the implementation of the Carer’s Strategy. Read more about this strategy here.
  • Increased accessibility to training and respite care.

To see the full Programme for Partnership Government please visit here