DEBRA is looking for a new Chairperson. We are looking for someone with drive, vision and leadership who can connect with the families living with EB and who can lead the fight on their behalf. 

The position of Chairperson of DEBRA is the most senior leadership position within the governance structure for the organisation. As a leader you must be willing and able to lead the organisation in and guide the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other board members. The Board Chair will support and sustain the work of DEBRA Ireland, and provide governance leadership and strategic fundraising support.

Functional Responsibilities include:

  • Chair board meetings (every two months)
  • Plan meetings and with the support of board members develop the agenda
  • Ensure that decisions made are implemented in a timely and cost effective manner
  • Oversight of board approval and sign-off of annual accounts for the organisation

Leadership responsibilities include:

  1. Provide Purpose:
  • Ensure the board discuss and agree the purpose and core values of the organisation
  • Ensure that only decisions that advance the purpose and value of the organisation are actioned
  1. Cohesive Board:
  • Create productive relationships with and amongst the individual board members
  • Select high performing, skills appropriate board team
  • Create an environment where high performance, delivery and accountability can thrive
  1. Constructive Relationships:
  • Guide the working relationship between the board and the CEO
  • Ensure clarity in definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Provide support where necessary to meet the objectives of DEBRA either through personal input or by access to appropriate external resources
  1. Governance:
  • Ensure compliance with all regulatory, financial and statutory obligations
  • As Chair you will have responsibility for overseeing the strategic planning and budget approval processes of the board. You will also be required to obtain reasonable assurance through audit, compliance and risk management reporting that the activities of the charity are consistent with attainment of agreed objectives and conducted in a manner that meets all legal, and fiduciary obligations
  • Setting appropriate KPIs and reviewing management against these
  • Steer the board in identifying the key governance decisions to be made
  1. Lobbying and Advocacy:
  • Act as a spokesperson for the organisation
  • Be the brand ambassador for DEBRA Ireland

This is a 3 year appointment and voluntary.  Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in applying for this voluntary position.