DEBRA Ireland has a long history of driving and supporting research with the potential to improve the lives of people living with EB. While there is currently no cure for EB, we are working hard to change that. We believe that children born now will benefit from treatments that will lessen the impact of the condition. This dream will only become a reality with investment in the best scientific minds.

Research and development of new treatments for EB is the key to a breakthrough. In recent years we are beginning to see the rewards from years of hard work by dedicated scientists. They are the hidden heroes that will help us to assign EB to the medical history books.

Clinical Trials

Therapies are making their way to clinical trials. Across the world there are now over 20 clinical trials assessing improvements that cell and protein therapy, gene editing, skin transplants, and other developments may make to improve wound healing, reduce blistering and itch, as well as halting extreme levels of pain. It’s a very exciting time.

EB Research worldwide

This is partly funded by DEBRA International through national DEBRAs. DEBRA Ireland is committed to driving and funding research to make the future for our families brighter and create an EB free world. With investment and support this will be our new reality.
The DEBRA International Research Impact Report gives an overview of what we do to advance research into EB. It shows examples of studies that have been funded – research for cures, quality of life as well as some ongoing projects and much more. Please have a browse through the report and contact us if you have any questions.

Look through the report here.