This beautiful poem was written and shared by a supporter. If you have a poem or song you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. Just email to [email protected]

I hear exactly what you say

You just want to be normal just for a day

You want to learn to cycle your bike with your Dad by your side

You want to fight your friends and go down the big slide

You want eat a big dinner without any pain

You want to slide in muck and dance in rain.

You want to play a sport – rugby, hurling or soccer,

You want to play an electric guitar and be a rocker.

You want to get out of your wheel chair and run up the road

You want to ease the burden of your mother’s worry and load.

You want a day when there is no bandages to change

You want a day when looks aren’t strange.

As I watch you lie gently sleeping on the rug,

I know what you want most is a great big hug.

A hug of love would make you glow inside

Affection, love and motherly pride.


I hear exactly what you say you just want to be normal for a day.

Well today I met some people that would make you smile

These supporters work hard and go that extra mile.

They fundraise, they care, they want to improve

They fight for better and want you to move

More freely, more easily around the place,

They are helping us win this tough race.

They work to find a better way, they work so you can say;

Thank you that makes a difference to my life

It eases the burden it bluntens the knife

That cuts deep into my skin

Yes we can win.

They take your hopes and dreams and carry them on their back

    They will not let you down – they will not crack.

I hear exactly what you say you, just want to be normal for a day