25-31 Oct 2020



What is EB?

  • EB = Epidermolysis Bullosa. A severe rare genetic skin blistering condition.
  • EB = Extraordinary Butterflies. EB skin is as fragile as the wings of a butterfly.
  • EB = Endless Blistering. Even gentle skin contact causes devastating wounds.
  • EB = Excruciating Bandaging. When dressings stick, the skin often comes away too.
  • EB = Exhausting Battle. There is no cure and a high risk of developing aggressive skin cancer.
  • EB = the worst disease you’ve never heard of.

What struck you most about EB?

(From the team in DEBRA Ireland)

Jimmy, DEBRA Chief Executive

Michelle, DEBRA Head of Fundraising

Orla, DEBRA Financial Controller

Fiona, DEBRA Head of Advocacy

Sinéad, DEBRA Head of Research

Amy, DEBRA Donor Care Executive

Deirdre, DEBRA Family Support Manager

Cheryl, DEBRA Digital & Communications

Susan, Community & Groups Manager

Suzanne, DEBRA Operations & Policy Officer

Kim, DEBRA CRM & Accounts Officer